Which Courgette Variety Should I Grow?

In return for the little labor it takes to grow courgettes, the fruit surprisingly produce a lot of fruits.  There are different varieties of this plant: bushy, sprawling and dwarfed.

Of these three, the sprawling variety is more productive.  However, you would need a lot of space to grow them.

There are also the hybrid varieties and the heirloom varieties which have been grown for thousands of years.  There are also courgette types which have been divided according to color—yellow, long and dark, dark stripe, and pale and thin.

Here are some of the recommended varieties you should grow:

  • Striato d’ Napoli — This courgette variety is from Italy and has a firm flesh even after cooking.  Its plant is large and bushy and does not sprawl as much compared to other varieties.  This makes them the ideal one to plant for gardeners who don’t have the space to spare.

The fruit of this courgette type is long, thin and ribbed with alternating dark and light green colors.  It is also very productive.

  • Verde d’ Milano – This is a dwarf-bush courgette variety that looks much closer to the appearance of the traditional courgette plant.  Like Striatio, it also gives a high yield of dark green, medium-sized fruits.      

The best thing about this variety is its excellently flavorful taste.

  • Trieste White Cousa – From the Middle East, this variety of courgette produces unusually white and plump fruits.  Its flesh is firm and dense; its plant producing a good yield.

Other recommended courgette varieties you can grow in your garden includes the Green Bush variety such as F1 Ambassador and F1 Zucchini.  For the yellow variety, Jemmer F1 and F1 Gold Rush are recommended.

You can also choose to grow Defender F1 and Tondo Chiaro di Nizza.

Generally, courgettes can tolerate heat and would prefer to be planted in an area where they can be sheltered but can get full sunlight.  It only takes approximately six weeks for a courgette plant to grow from planting to harvesting its first fruit.