Where to Position Courgette Plants

Growing courgettes is like getting a good bargain: you invest little effort for a prolific and continuous harvest.

When choosing a location to plant this summer squash, the best one would be where they can get plenty of sunlight.  However, it should at the same time provide protection from gusts of harsh winds.

This is especially crucial if you live in an area with a cold climate.  You can use cloches to protect them if you want to grow them early in the season.

If you do not have the ideal spot, courgette plants would tolerate partial shade.  Just take note that they are not hardy, especially young seedlings.

Once the garden line has been set, the plants must have a space of about a meter or three feet each.  This should be enough room for them to trail and mature.  For an average sized garden, two to three courgette plantsc are enough.

The soil where they will be grown should also be heavy, well-dugged and well-drained.  Courgettes may be a thirsty plant, but having them water-logged can result to root rot.

Mulching should help the soil retain moisture yet get rid of excess water.  The acidity of the soil should be around 6.0pH.