Watering the Courgettes

No crop can survive without water at one point or another during their growth.  This is especially true with courgettes.

A thirsty, not to mention hungry plant, this summer squash must be regularly watered in order for them to thrive.

Courgettes grow fast and produce plump fruits with a high water-content.  To ensure that they would grow well, they must be supplied with adequate amounts of water.

Watering is especially crucial once you see flowers begin to appear or when its fruits start to swell.

Dry or warm weather can make the moisture in the soil evaporate fast, so your crops would surely need to be watered more than usual—about ten liters per plant per week.

If the soil you are using does not hold water too well, you can add mulch to it.  In fact, the earlier you mulch, the better.  Add compost, dried barks and leaves to the soil.

You can also cover the soil bed with weed control fabric to improve its water retention capacity.

Take note not to water too much though, or else their roots would rot.  To check if your courgettes need watering, poke the soil with your finger.

If the soil is dry up to the first fold of your finger, water your courgettes.  Otherwise, you can leave watering for another day.  Take note that it is better to water well though infrequently than to water regularly but insufficiently.