Types of Courgette

The courgette plant comes in three types:  the climbing or trailing variety, the bush variety and the dwarfed kind.

Trailing courgette plants have tendrils which allows them to climb up poles, trellis, frames and even other plants.  The bush type makes a compact and leafy plant and the dwarfed variety is similar to the bush plant except that it is smaller.

The fruit itself can be divided according to its color which can range from white to green, yellow to dark green and even striped.  It can also be classified according to its shape: ridged, round or ball-shaped, long, thin, straight and bottle-shaped.

There are heirloom varieties, open-pollinated and quite a number of hybrid cultivars, too.

One example of courgette variety that has a dark green skin is “Black Beauty.”  The courgette fruit called “Golden Dawn III” on the other hand has bright yellow skin.

A peculiar variety with a skin that’s a pale green, “Lebanese” has a shape that’s closer to a mace than a true courgette.  Another unusual variety is “De Nice a Rond Fruit.” It is unusual in a sense that it is ready to be harvested even when it’s just a size of a tennis ball.

There are eight new varieties of courgette that just came out.  These new breeds are said to be disease-resistant and even more productive than traditional ones.

The names of the new courgette cultivars are Rhodos, CV3963, Vitulia, Ortano, Augusto, Tirreno, Shorouq and Brice.