The World’s Biggest Courgette


Beating the previous title holder as the world’s biggest courgette by three kilos is this humongous marrow weighing a whopping 65 kilos.

Grown by Ken Dade from Norfolk in the United Kingdom, it took two men to carry the prune-skinned marrow to a stand during the National Amateur Gardening Show held in Somerset.

Mr. Dade—a 70 year old engineer who has retired 15 years ago—has made it a hobby, not just to grow his own food, but to breed gigantic marrows.

Although he is not claiming any secret method in having grown such a big courgette, experience taught him what an amateur would not know.  This, plus the excellent soil of the reclaimed marshland in The Wash and this year’s weather made the courgette grow to such a size.

Dade also shared some basic tips for properly growing marrows.  He mentioned having passion for what you do, having the appropriate weather (warm, humid and two hours of rain twice per week) and of course, the right seed.

With a bit of luck, you might get all these while growing your own.  Who knows you might end up harvesting something as big as Mr. Dade’s, if not bigger.