The Different Types of Courgettes


There are many different types of courgettes, more so when we combine the hybrid and heirloom varieties.

Courgettes—or zucchini—is technically a fruit that belong to the Cucurbita family.  There are two basic criteria followed in order to classify this gourd:  by the shape of the plant and by the color of its fruit.

Courgette-producing plants come in two shapes—open and close.  Open plants have very dense leaves but with a loose kind of look.  Seed varieties included in open courgette plants are the Gold, Caserta and Black Zucchini.

Closed courgette plants are also dense, if not denser than open plants.  However, they are more tighter-looking.  Varieties included in closed plants include Black Eagle and Mexican Globe.

Take note as well, that some varieties are designed to grow outwards and some to climb upwards.

Courgettes can also be classified according to the color of the fruit it produces.  There are four basic courgette fruit colors—green, dark green, dark green with light patches, light green and yellow.

When choosing what variety to grow, it is important to take note which one is suitable to the weather condition you live in.  Select courgette types that are resistant to virus and mildew such as Supremo, Defender, Dundoo and Tiger Cross.


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