The Best Type of Soil for Courgettes

One of the easiest fruits to grow is courgettes—most especially if you live in an area with a mild climate.  They don’t need much, but they do have some preference when it comes to the type of soil they grow in.

Courgettes are heavy feeders and would prefer as much as possible to be planted in rich, heavy soil that drains well.

If your soil does not have enough nutrients, you can enrich it by mixing it with fertilizer (organic and inorganic) or well-rotted manure two months prior to planting.

It is important to choose the appropriate fertilizer for courgettes as different mixtures of fertilizers have a variety of effects on different crops.  Some are best for crops like spinach and basil because they encourage a more leafy growth.

Those grown for their fruits like courgettes require something else.  The fertilizer for this summer squash must have a combination of nitrogen, phosphorous and potassium with a ratio of 1-2-1 respectively.

This would encourage the growth of leaves and vines and is especially helpful during the first few stages of courgette’s growth.

Use of this fertilizer must be stopped once the plant has already established itself.  Otherwise, your plant would produce more leaves and less fruits.

To fertilize, dig a hole that’s about a foot square and fill it with garden compost.  Top the ground with the soil you have removed from the hole.

Also prepare the soil by making drainage channels around your crops.  This would help get rid of excess water when there’s a downpour.