How to Grow Courgettes in Containers

Courgettes can be grown not just in sprawling gardens, but also in containers.

After taking note what the last frost date in your area is, you can start sowing your seeds two weeks before that date.

You would need to prepare a ten-inch flower pot, potting soil, well-rotted compost, water and your own choice of courgette seeds.

Once you have everything ready, mix the potting soil with as much as 30 percent of well-rotted compost.  Fill the pot with potting soil about ¾ full and push a small hole into the compost with the use of your fingers.

Take out your seeds and drop two to three seeds into the hole.  Cover the seeds loosely with compost and water it.  Place the pot in a sunny spot—it could be on a window sill, a patio or a deck.

Germination should occur in as early as eight days and as late as 18 days.  Water them regularly.  Do not allow the soil to go completely dry which is what’s likely to happen if the weather is hot.

Once the seedlings are two weeks old, pull out two of the seedlings and leave only the strongest one to grow.  You can start mulching your courgette plant and mix the soil with barks and leaves.

If you have chosen a climbing courgette plant, you should provide it with a trellis or canes so it has space to spread.

Regularly water your plant as courgette is a thirsty crop.  You can also provide additional nutrition as they grow by feeding it with liquid tomato fertilizer every week.  This is especially necessary once your plant starts forming fruits.

They are typically ready to be harvested once the fruits are about four inches long.  Courgette plants are very productive and would continue to produce fruits for a long time.