How to Freeze Courgettes

A prolific crop, courgettes will give you more fruits than you can handle.  And since you can’t just eat this summer squash every day, there would surely be a need to freeze the surplus.

Unfortunately, courgettes do not freeze very well like other vegetables because of its high water content.  Blanching won’t help either because the act of heating and freezing breaks down the cells which make the fruit limp, mushy and flavorless.

There’s still a way to freeze this delicious fruit though.  After cutting the stem, grate the courgette using a grater or a food processor.  Transfer them in a strainer and sprinkle with salt.  A teaspoon of salt per pound of courgette will do.  Mix it well.

Let the courgettes sit for 30 minutes before pressing them to get rid of the excess water.  Put the drained courgette on a piece of waxed paper, pressing them down into a square.

Wrap the courgettes using cookie sheets and put them in the freezer.  Once frozen, you can then transfer them in freezer bags.  Frozen this way, it should last as long as three months.

You can use the courgette in dishes first such as ratatouille or make them into a soup or cake before freezing them.

One Response to “How to Freeze Courgettes”

  1. Nicola says:

    So happy to know courgettes are so good for us. We have our first garden and harvest about 5 courgettes a day! Can’t eat them every day? Yes you can!! :)