How Many Calories are There in Courgettes?

Are you on a diet?  When trying to cut down weight, you do not have to starve yourself.  There are low calorie foods out there you can eat, like courgettes—minus the unwanted pounds.

A summer squash that looks more like a cucumber, courgettes are an ideal food for those who want to lose weight or avoid obesity.  They are delicious but low on calories.  A serving of 100 grams of courgette (about half a cup) only has 15 calories.

One medium-sized courgette only has 25 calories.

Of course, the exact amount of calories would depend on how the courgettes are cookedFried courgettes will have a higher calorie-content than boiled or steamed ones.

Courgettes also have a high content of water—about 95 percent—which makes them very filling.  This means eating it will make you feel full right away so you would be less prone to eat more.

When consuming courgettes, it is important to keep the skin on because it is where the nutrients of the fruit are concentrated.  It is an excellent source of fiber, potassium, folic acid, iron, zinc and much more.

An alkaline food, courgettes counteracts the high level of acids in the diet of people.  It sooths the liver and help the body’s metabolism to function properly.