Harvesting Courgettes

Harvesting courgettes is easy.  On top of that, the more you harvest them, the more they are encouraged to produce succulent fruits!


Courgettes may look great when they are large, but letting them grow very big would make the fruit gradually lose most of its flavor and texture.

Depending on the variety, they should in general, be harvested when they are about four inches or 10 centimeters long.  Small courgettes like these are expensive than marrow-like ones because of their richness in flavor.

To harvest this delicious summer squash, do it in the morning when it’s not too hot and not too cold.  Simply use a sharp knife to cut them off the plant.  Make sure to leave a little stem on the courgette plant.

Do not just twist them out with your hands because it is an invasive method and you can damage the thin skin of the fruit if you pick them this way.  Part of the courgette might be left on the plant which can encourage diseases.

After harvesting, thoroughly clean the site of all visible debris so as not to promote pest build-up.

A courgette plant will produce fruits which you can harvest thrice a week over a period of several weeks.  Courgettes do not keep well and you might grow weary eating too much squash every day.

What you can do is to leave dome of them to grow as marrows to be used in winter.


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  1. gillian carter says:

    Just started growing this year (in containers) found advice very useful