Four Common Pests that Attack Courgettes

Normally, courgettes plants that have been taken care of properly are not affected by pests.  But of course, this is not always fool-proof — they occasionally suffer from trouble caused by a few pests.

It is important to keep an eye on your crops so you can stop the damage immediately before it becomes uncontrollable.

Slugs — If you see the leaves of your plants with slime and ragged edges, this is a sure sign that they are being eaten by slugs.

This pest typically prefers tender, young seedlings and if you think they are being infested by slugs, just pour salt around the base of each plant on a dry day to get rid of them.

Aphids — are very small, pear-shaped insects that live under the leaves of courgette plants.  They have a color that range from yellow to green.

Plants affected by aphids will have curled leaves that become deformed later on and eventually die.  To treat aphids, you can spray with soapy (insecticidal soap) water.

Red Spider Mites — plants affected by this vermin will manifest spotted graying leaves.  Worse infestation will have bronze leaves that fall off easily.  You would also notice silvery webs under the leaves and in between vines.

Spider mites suck out the sap of courgette plants which can cause stippling.  To get rid of this pest, spray your crops with insecticidal soap or use rotetone.  You can also introduce lacewings and ladybugs as they eat spider mites.

Squash Bugs — squash bugs are flat bugs that have a triangle shape on its back.  Like spider mites, they suck the juice out of plants whose leaves eventually turns yellow, then black as it wilts and dies.

To get rid of squash bugs, handpick adults and destroy them.  This would prevent proliferation of the colony.