Courgette Easy Growing Tips

A prolific crop, having courgettes in your garden will not only give you a bountiful harvest, but will also make your yard beautiful with its pretty, yellow flowers.

Courgette, or zucchini in other countries, needs a few things in order to grow.  For one, they need a warm climate if you are just starting them out.  You need to make sure there is no frost—or danger of it, when you plant them.

That is why, ideally, it is better to start them off indoors six weeks before your intended plan to transfer them outdoors.  Make sure to place them in an area where they can get plenty of light and the temperature maintained at 18 degrees Celsius.

Harden them off by taking them out for a few hours during the day a forthnight before actually transplanting them.  Slowly increase the number of hours you leave them outside.  Transplant them only when they have developed about three to four true leaves.

Growing courgettes need plenty of water so to improve water retention, add mulch to the soil.  Mulch early as you won’t be able to get under the plant if they have already grown too bushy.

Once they have grown, most especially if they are starting to develop flowers and fruits, they would need a lot of watering.  Courgette is a thirsty plant.  You can also use a liquid fertilizer to amply supply their nutritional needs.

Depending on the variety, some courgettes would need to be staked at this point.  The tips of the lateral branches of trailing varieties would need to be pinched as well.  This would encourage the plant to produce fruits instead.

With the help of insects, the female flowers would be pollinated and then fruits would develop.  In cases where this doesn’t happen, you can take a male flower (it will look smaller with a little bulge under the petals), and put it in a recently-opened female flower.