Courgette Chutney


Courgette chutney is good for a number of things—to preserve excess harvest and as a delicious side dish with pork pie and cold meatsThey are also great on sandwiches and other dishes.

To create a courgette chutney masterpiece, you would need:

~ Half a kilo of small courgettes, diced but unpeeled

~ half a kilo of green and red tomatoes, scalded, skinned and sliced

~ half a kilo of apples, diced and peeled

~ 250 grams of raisins

~ 250 grams of onions, diced and peeled

~ 250 grams of brown sugar

~ 375ml of cider vinegar diluted with water

~ dried chili flakes

~ salt
Prepare the following ingredients for the sachet:

~ 12 cloves of garlic

~ dried ginger, sliced

~ pepper corn

~ coriander seeds

Begin by placing all the fruits, vegetables, raisins, vinegar, sugar, salt, chili flakes and water in a pan.  Heat the mixture.

While waiting for it to boil, you can start placing all the spices for the sachet on a square of cheese cloth and tie it on top with a string.  Drop the sachet in the pan and allow to simmer.  Make sure to stir from time to time to dissolve the sugar.

Let the mixture simmer for two hours without a cover for it to reduce properly.  Stir it gently every once in a while to avoid burning the ingredients at the bottom of the pan.

You would know the chutney is ready when its texture has become thick and rich.  Transfer the chutney in a jar while it is still a little warm and put in the shelf for four weeks before serving.  Enjoy!

2 Responses to “Courgette Chutney”

  1. lesley says:

    in your chutney how much water is used to dilute the vinegar as it just says to : dilute with water:

  2. Redwena says:

    Recipe says 375ml of cider vinegar diluted with water. How much water? How much vinegar? Or is 375ml half and half?