Companion Plants of Courgettes

If you do not like using pesticides on your courgette crops for health reasons, the best way to protect them is to use companion planting.

Growing courgettes along with other crops will help fend off pests that can harm them.  How?  Some have substances in their leaves that can attract useful insects and even help them grow.

But courgette does not favor all kinds of crops.  Like humans, it prefers some but dislike other plants.

Two of the best companion plants for courgettes are marigolds and Nasturiums.  They are very effective in keeping harmful pests away.

Other favorable companions for this summer squash include beans, radish, parsley, spinach, beets, tomatoes, corn, pepper, peas, and capsicum.

Choose what companion plant you would like for your courgette and plant them in a row right beside your crop.  You can also choose to grow the companion plant in a pot and place it beside the courgette.

Just make sure the courgettes do not smother the companion plant most especially if your courgette is the trailing kind.

Never plant potatoes with your courgettes.